Month: April 2014

Night Hunter Rengar Skin update

The PBE has been graced by the return of Nighthunter Rengar, complete with shiny new splash art! He certainly looks more like a Nighthunter now. The noticeable update is that the hood now has a toggle! Riot does indeed value feedback and certainly takes it into consideration. This was one of the more wide spread request for the skin. Another subtle, but crucial, change is the addition, or regrowth if you will, of his braided goatee. His taunt now actually makes sense as he isn’t stroking thin air. That was weird and unlion-like. Finally, his cloak has been changed to a darker, more burgundy red, and this matches his blue fur color much more effectively. Overall, I love the updates and this will be a day one buy for me! Particle effects are the same so I’ve linked a few images showing the update as well as the splash art. As before, the images are courtesy of Please have a visit to their site to see the new Pantheon skin as well as information on the new champion, Braum (who looks ridiculously fun)! (more…)


Professionalism of Pro League of Legends Players

This is a topical discussion due to the 1,000 USD fine of Copenhagen Wolve’s ADC Konstantinos ‘FORG1VEN’ Tzortziou. Now, we’ve seen a huge amount of discourse over this fine as to whether it is fair, unjust, excessive or not enough. Let’s ignore the amount for a moment and consider why Riot decided on this action (taken from the link above):

“Tzortziou has continued to consistently engage in behaviour which violates the letter and spirit of the Summoner’s Code. His tendency to engage in verbal abuse, insults and offensive behaviour is unacceptable for any player (even if provoked). This behaviour is especially harmful in a high-profile eSports competitor who should lead the community by example”  (more…)

Rengar Jungle Guide Up!

I have completed my reasonably detailed Rengar Jungle guide for Patch 4.5 onto!

Please have a look and let me know what you think! There are obviously various effect build paths, but I give reason for why I chose the items, Masteries and Runes that I did.



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Blog Schedule

In an attempt to actually put meaningful walls of text (with pretty pictures) on this blog, I am going to outline a few things I hope to get up here in the next two weeks or so:

  1. League: Rengar received major changes! Now, with Nightblue saying ‘RIP Rengar’ and me seeing a few people commenting the same, I will outline why I think Rengar just got buffed. I’m a Rengar jungle main (much to the chagrin of many junglers who think he is useless) and I think these changes require an adaption of play and item sets. I’ve been theory crafting today and changed my runes, masteries and items to compensate for his changes. Conclusion? He’s really strong now. The Bonetooth trinket only adds to that. Welcome to the jungle. I look forward to lifestealing (hint) your health.
  2. League: On that lion’s note, I will finish and upload a 5 minute montage of some of my Rengar jungle exploits.
  3. League: I will put some thoughts up on Thorin’s recent comments regarding the LCS structure as well as my thoughts regarding the study on eSport’s huge increase in viewership.
  4. SWTOR: Assuming Patch 2.7 is on schedule for next week, I’ll either upload some footage or a review on the two new flashpoints that take place on Tython and Korriban. Having already had a run through on the PTS, I can say they are quite fun.. and everyone loves Korriban. Hail the Sith!
  5. Halo: Update on my stats to show I am number 1 and maybe give some thoughts on the insane amount of boosting Halo leaderboards attract. I will work on a montage of some Halo highlights over the years, but this might take some time as I’ll have to capture a lot of old footage (Thunderbolt based BlackMagic capture card will certainly help!)

Alright, time to keep watching the EU LCS! It is the final day of the season!