Hey there! I’m not sure really how to do this, so I’ll just write a few things about myself:

I’m 26 years old and I enjoy bodybuilding and gaming. I have a degree in Astrophysics and I completed half of my Masters before deciding to take a break from studying and start that job hunting (finally) – hopefully I’ll complete it one day. My favorite games currently are Halo, League of Legends and SW: The Old Republic, although I haven’t played Halo in a while! Other franchises I adore include Mass Effect, Bioshock, early Assassin’s Creeds and I should probably stop there as this could go on forever. I love games!

In fact, some of you may have known me as Quadrisaurus (or QUADRiiSAURUS) during my Halo days. I am the number one Warthog gunner across Halo 3, Reach and 4. This excludes any obvious boosting, by the way – as I despise the ‘hold-the-objective-look at all my stats I got from spamming premades’ group of people and find it dishonest and false. I suppose that’d be a good point for a blog post. Another thing? I’m ranty. Evidenced by this paragraph that’s meant to be on an ‘About’ page!

Anyway! The goal is here is to provide semi-regular content and videos on my favorites games, while offering opinions on a multitude of random topics that may, or may not, tickle your interest.

Thanks for coming to my website, and I hope you’ll become a regular.


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E-mail: virkayu@gmail.com



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