Coach’s Perspective: League of Legends


Last weekend in Paris, Riot hosted the All-Star 2014 weekend for the ‘best’ team from each region, along with fun game modes in which the two most popular players from each region participated. I say ‘best’ because SKT T1 K, while the 2013 World Champions, are not currently the best team in Korea after finishing third in the NLB prefaced by being knocked out of Champions Spring. However, this is article is not to prattle about All-Stars or the current power rankings. If you desire said topic, the latest Summoning Insight, hosted by Montecristo and Thorin, gives a large amount of time to reviewing the weekend. No, instead I am concerned with the other prevailing topic that steeply arose to popularity in the past week, and that is the attitude of EU and NA teams to coaches and analysts.

I have four years of coaching experience from when I studied and coached year round, from soccer to basketball and sprints and relays for Track and Field. I understand how a coach thinks and what we bring to the table that players often underestimate. (more…)


Professionalism of Pro League of Legends Players

This is a topical discussion due to the 1,000 USD fine of Copenhagen Wolve’s ADC Konstantinos ‘FORG1VEN’ Tzortziou. Now, we’ve seen a huge amount of discourse over this fine as to whether it is fair, unjust, excessive or not enough. Let’s ignore the amount for a moment and consider why Riot decided on this action (taken from the link above):

“Tzortziou has continued to consistently engage in behaviour which violates the letter and spirit of the Summoner’s Code. His tendency to engage in verbal abuse, insults and offensive behaviour is unacceptable for any player (even if provoked). This behaviour is especially harmful in a high-profile eSports competitor who should lead the community by example”  (more…)