Nighthunter Rengar

Night Hunter Rengar Skin update

The PBE has been graced by the return of Nighthunter Rengar, complete with shiny new splash art! He certainly looks more like a Nighthunter now. The noticeable update is that the hood now has a toggle! Riot does indeed value feedback and certainly takes it into consideration. This was one of the more wide spread request for the skin. Another subtle, but crucial, change is the addition, or regrowth if you will, of his braided goatee. His taunt now actually makes sense as he isn’t stroking thin air. That was weird and unlion-like. Finally, his cloak has been changed to a darker, more burgundy red, and this matches his blue fur color much more effectively. Overall, I love the updates and this will be a day one buy for me! Particle effects are the same so I’ve linked a few images showing the update as well as the splash art. As before, the images are courtesy of Please have a visit to their site to see the new Pantheon skin as well as information on the new champion, Braum (who looks ridiculously fun)! (more…)


New Rengar Skin!


Well, it seems that Nightcrawler Rengar has been released on the PBE. Sorry, Nighthunter Rengar. You know what? That’s not what bothers me. I like the blue! My gripes are mainly with the nature and color of his cloak. Maybe black and something more.. hunter-ish? I do like the hood action upon recall, and having that present when he ults or as a toggle (like the new Heimer walk) would be a great option. Rengar is my favorite champion and while I don’t love this as much as Headhunter, it’s still a good skin. It does have some cool particle effects.

For some great concept skins (including an epic Gladiator Rengar.. rito pls) have a look at this DeviantArt post: Press me

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