Blog Schedule

In an attempt to actually put meaningful walls of text (with pretty pictures) on this blog, I am going to outline a few things I hope to get up here in the next two weeks or so:

  1. League: Rengar received major changes! Now, with Nightblue saying ‘RIP Rengar’ and me seeing a few people commenting the same, I will outline why I think Rengar just got buffed. I’m a Rengar jungle main (much to the chagrin of many junglers who think he is useless) and I think these changes require an adaption of play and item sets. I’ve been theory crafting today and changed my runes, masteries and items to compensate for his changes. Conclusion? He’s really strong now. The Bonetooth trinket only adds to that. Welcome to the jungle. I look forward to lifestealing (hint) your health.
  2. League: On that lion’s note, I will finish and upload a 5 minute montage of some of my Rengar jungle exploits.
  3. League: I will put some thoughts up on Thorin’s recent comments regarding the LCS structure as well as my thoughts regarding the study on eSport’s huge increase in viewership.
  4. SWTOR: Assuming Patch 2.7 is on schedule for next week, I’ll either upload some footage or a review on the two new flashpoints that take place on Tython and Korriban. Having already had a run through on the PTS, I can say they are quite fun.. and everyone loves Korriban. Hail the Sith!
  5. Halo: Update on my stats to show I am number 1 and maybe give some thoughts on the insane amount of boosting Halo leaderboards attract. I will work on a montage of some Halo highlights over the years, but this might take some time as I’ll have to capture a lot of old footage (Thunderbolt based BlackMagic capture card will certainly help!)

Alright, time to keep watching the EU LCS! It is the final day of the season!